Friday, October 5, 2012

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Captcha entry work without investment

Captcha entry work without investment

There are many fake companies and persons who are offering Online Jobs like Data entry jobs,captcha entry jobs,Google Adsense Account etc.
Once these companies/persons charges a man for providing the online job they will be vanished or  never been contacted,so if you really wants Captcha entry work/jobs with out investment you may login to,elance,or odesk.
There are a lot of projects present for you depending upon your capabilities.

Online Projects

Free Captcha Entry Jobs without investment

Team captcha typers

Team captcha typers
Virtuacloud Server [Night Work]
Server Link:
Server Time: 4pm to 10am [India GMT+5.30].
Test id :-
Team Name: akilcaptcha
User Name: akilcaptcha1

Rate: $0.80/1000 corrected entries.
Monthly once payment.
Payment through through Local Bank transfer for Indians (or) Moneybookers a/c for other country's workers.
Type small letters without space.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

data entry without investment


Online captcha data entry job. Make $1000 to $2000 Per month with your worker. Any one can start small business and earn Smart amount per month.


For Captchatypers ID: 

1 ID is 3 $ or 200BDT. 

2 ID is 5 $ or 400 BDT

3 ID is 7 $ or 500 BDT

Perday Unlimited Captcha ....

Captcha rate:

1000entry= $1.00 to $1.20, [Supper Fast] You can type in about 2000-3000 captcha per hours and earn 10$-20$ per day if you type fast enough. No minimum work for get payment, Payment every Friday direct from Captchatypers , 24/7 server. 

Payment method:

Libertyreserve / Freelancer / Payapal

Admin panel price:

Admin panel price= $20 Only(2000 BDT),
Life time. [Software control panel free]

Captchatypers admin panel: 

You can create unlimited worker id in it, You can delete worker by your self. You can see your member earning. You can manage your worker team.

Reseller panel:

Captchatypers admin reseller plan price= $50 Only (4000 BDT), Life time. 

   We accept 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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